Funnymama Faq

What is FunnyMama?

FunnyMama is a site trying to make everything fun, sharing everything fun, and meeting everyone who loves to be a fun maker. Yeah, that’s what we call Funker here.

Source / Credit?

We respect originality and creativity. Please cite the source or give correct credit whenever you can.

What is a meme?

Internet meme is used to describe a concept that spreads via the Internet. It is referred to viral funny videos, funny images, rage comics, image macros and more.

What is Hot and Fun?

Hot is a daily/weekly/monthly/all updated selection from all Fun based on a magic algorithm. Fun is featured from all new posts based on the likes and shares. Sometimes our editors would try to decide which post will be fun.

How to make your posts Hot?

Top secrets to get hot: interesting title, funny content, accurate tags, correct credit and more Likes and shares! And what’s more, Be original, Be funny.

I see reposts are getting featured. WTF?

We do our best to filter reposts but it is very hard. Also sometimes there are days no funny content are created. So we have to feature reposts. Original Content (OC) > Repost . Even if it is not funny as repost.

Do high level users have more chances to get featured?

No, your level does not affect your chance to get featured.

What is the difference between registered members and normal visitors? Why I should join,As a registered user;

You can upload your own meme's
Access to NSFW content
Access to use your personal profile page
Vote for every post you like, say no to every post unfunny
Report the posts you hate
Does my MemeCenter account expire?